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18+ sex services are not available
Each of them is unique and will give you unforgettable pleasure

Salon Rasputin invites you to feel all sides of pleasure. We offer 6 basic programs for men, starting from a half-hour express to a 90-minute rest in Jacuzzi. The cost is from 1500 rubles. SPA programs differ not only in duration but in intensity. Complex programs include two types of relaxation. What kind of erotic SPA service would you choose? Beginners will be fascinated by the actions of our specialists regardless of the program while experienced SPA-goers will be delighted by exotic variations of SPA in our salon. For example, we have a session using hot oranges (simultaneously with aromatherapy) or simulating oral caresses with the help of strawberries. Have you ever imagined such techniques?

If you order a complex of classic + erotic which lasts an hour or more, you can invite two girls and get a WOW-effect from caresses in four hands. And theres more to come! We offer absolutely tremendous gentle complements. Each of them provides men with special opportunities. You can choose kisses or shows, point SPA massage performed by hands or feet, more passionate petting or a joint shower before and after the program. Prices for such complements start from 500 rubles. We also regularly organize sales and discounts. Each client gets more and saves money during sales periods. However you get a lot from visiting our salon even without discounts! After all, you get paradise pleasure. One, two or even three relaxations will definitely be included in your program. Come and see with your own eyes that a spicy erotic holiday with true professionals will leave the most magical memories.



Spa-procedure that combines the warmth of water and the female body: light pranks and inviting skin touches will make you forget about time. This will be an excellent start to the day or a piquant lunch break.
2 500 rub
30 min
This program is special for connoisseurs of tactile sensations. Your body, relaxed after sharing a shower with a beautiful girl, will experience an indescribable feeling. A completely naked girl without hands help but only with her breast, back and butt during a smooth dance will bring you to complete satisfaction.
3 950 rub
45 min
If you are already tired with a SPA table, you will definitely enjoy a foam bath. It gives a lot of space for imagination, and our girls are ready to bring all your dreams to life. This long and relaxing body-SPA allows you to caress a girl too, and gives double pleasure to partners.
5 500 rub
90 min
It's time to try something that you have been dreaming about for so long. New techniques of caresses, erotic games and making true your sexual fantasies with a half-naked nurse, a strict teacher or a cute fairy? You are the director in these apartments.
5 550 rub
70 min
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1. The Certificate can be 3000, 5000, 10000 rubles
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4. Certificate is valid for 1 year
5. Your friend will remember our gorgeous girls for a long time and will remember these moments of happiness with tenderness and excitement!

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Erotic salon Rasputin is a place in Samara where every man can fully enjoy the charm of SPA art in all its aspects. We offer not only a wide variety of erotic programs but also exquisite interior design of rooms where SPA sessions are held. Calm colors, spacious rooms, and smooth exciting aromas in the air - all these things will allow you to quickly relax and to be in a good mood. You can see the photos in advance
Club of erotic SPA Rasputin
Sweet aromas of young perfect bodies, sensual programs of erotic SPA, spicy adult games are waiting for you in the club Rasputin. Your perception is sharpened to the limit here. You will definitely experience the full joy of the moment. You seem to fall into a cloud of pleasure, embracing you from top to toe. For sure, your desire will be to stay in this earthly Eden where there are sexy babes of blood and flesh instead of angels. You can forget temporal matters for half an hour or longer, depending on the chosen program.

Few salons in Samara can surprise you with the variety of techniques. Usually it all boils down to trivial tricks that are served under spectacular names. But our girls are not pacifiers in bright wrappers. They are delicious and each of them has her own special filling. Try them all ... In the men's salon Rasputin programs the main emphasis is on tactile perception. Our specialist gives out all herself: she caresses you with gentle hands, nice legs, fine hair, firm breast, perky butt, puffy lips and even her hot breath. We understand that you also want to touch the beauty. Therefore, we have some complements where you can caress and even kiss our beauties.

The salon of erotic SPA Rasputin will satisfy the requests of even a satiated customer. Our specialists are not only beautiful; their bodies are perfect tools for the clients pleasure. They constantly acquire new SPA and erotic techniques and due to regular practice, their sessions become ideal. However, this does not make the girls soulless robots, they work with a spark! Moreover, visits to our salon are not only pleasant leisure, but they are also useful for men's sexual health.

The men's club Rasputin offers more than 30 beautiful specialists, convenient location in the very center of Samara, round-the-clock work and a huge selection of programs for every taste and desire.

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Men's Club Rasputin
+7 (846) 252-03-03
Samara, ul. Lesnaya, 23, building 5
18+ sex services are not available